Save Your WhatsApp from Hackers | New Scam 2022

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In today’s era, many people use smartphones, despite that many people do not even know how to use the smartphone, that is why I give this information, how many people do not become a victim of Hacker. Many people do not even know their details and how people steal their money by doing fraud through online.

First of all, let me tell you people through the bank and many people while using other mobiles, SMS comes through the bank, after that more phone calls also come, you have to update your ATM by saying this. to renew, in this way you are stupid. It is made that you are made a victim, that’s why before giving any bank details, take information about the person to whom you are giving details and confirm with the bankers, what do you need from my side? You yourself go to the bank branch and ask what is needed and not through online and not through full time, many people can avoid becoming a victim by doing this and  your money being stolen and fraud through online can avoid being.

You people can be fooled in any way, in today’s era, before this, ask any educated person inside your family that this is how I got a call and in this way I am asking for details about him. After that, before you can take any kind of money, do not take the decision in the hustle and bustle, you will take the decision.

First of all, let me tell you the way of these victims,

how do you become a victim of hackers?

First you get a phone call, after that people will tell that your ATM will be closed within a few days, you do not need to worry about this, the ATM will be closed, you can also start you again by going to the bank. In the first phone I will tell you to suppress this number, which is *401*, after that you people who are hackers would have dialled the given number, you will become a victim of these figures and not you will be made a victim in a complete way.

after all I want to say that you guys have a call and message o companion in the way that I told, block that call and message immediately, not that you pick up the call and talk to them after that to make your victim did not cause itself.

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