How to link Aadhar Card Karnataka bank online 2023

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The government of India has made the Aadhaar card very common. This Aadhar card has to be attached to each of the documents, that is, the gender has to be done, so in this article today I will tell you how you can make your Aadhaar card You can link with your Karnataka bank to know this very important, you should know it completely and follow the steps from it, you should ling your Aadhar card with your bank, because it is very important that you have a lot for online transactions You have access to all the things and the Aadhaar card is a It is very important for you to recognize the identity of the citizens of India, that every child you make is an Aadhaar card of the child, nowadays you have to make it, if you are not yours, then I am going to inform you about someone.

Know how to link your Aadhar Card Karnataka bank account

Method 1.

Let me tell you the first way, why do you have to go to your bank branch, where you get the form, you have to fill all the forms there and you have to submit this process, you will get the confirmation message as soon as possible. A message will be sent to the number linked in the bank, after which you will get the Aadhaar card linked to your bank account.

Method 2.

And tell you the other way, you have to listen to it carefully, you can see it here. I tell you how to link, first of all you have to activate online banking of Karnataka Bank ie internet banking and its After your activist, then after logging in, you will have to go inside General Services from above, there you will find that you will have to click on that option by doing Aadhaar seeding, after that you have to enter your 12 digit Aadhar card After that, after you click there for some time, your Aadhar card seeding complete will be processed.

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